Pro & Con: Merry Thanksgiving?

Is it too early to start celebrating Thanksgiving?

Pro & Con: Merry Thanksgiving?

Austin Carlton and Danielle Cotton


Pro by Austin Carlton

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving, or does it? Thanksgiving is a holiday often underappreciated by celebrators because it’s outshined by Christmas.

Christmas. Just saying it makes you happy. You can’t help but smile thinking about the festivities, the decorations, the amazing songs and the time spent with family. Thanksgiving however, has much of the same aspects. There’s time with family, some decorations, and not to mention, amazing food.

Being that it is November many people think, “It is too early for Christmas”. However, many people think the exact opposite.

There really is only one correct answer: it’s never too early for Christmas.

I only appreciate Thanksgiving for the break and time with my family. Perhaps more people would appreciate it if it was more encouraged, but until there is a Mariah Carey Thanksgiving album including the songs ‘Touch My Turkey’ or possibly ‘All I Want for Thanksgiving is Food’, I and many others agree Thanksgiving shouldn’t receive the praise that Christmas does.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a Thanksgiving feast, but usually everything I eat for Thanksgiving I eat at Christmas too. So it’s really just a pre-Christmas feasting warmup. What is so special about dry turkey, anyways?

Christmas/Winter comes with two weeks of break, whereas Thanksgiving/Fall has just one meager week. It’s greatly appreciated, sure, but it’s no Winter Break.

Along with lacking time off and music, Thanksgiving lacks movies as well. While there are few Thanksgiving movies, hardly any are worth watching except “It’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”.

Christmas has several movies, some of the best being: “Elf”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “A Christmas Story”, and many other fan-favorite films.

Being excited and getting prepared for Christmas is not ignoring Thanksgiving, it’s just trying to spread Christmas cheer earlier in the year. We all know we could use it, no matter what time of year it is!


Con by Danielle Cotton

When is it time to start getting ready for Christmas? Is it at the end of October when houses are decorated for Halloween, or the start of November? Or is it at the end of November after Thanksgiving? Personally, I think people should follow the calendar and wait until after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is being forgotten. There haven’t been any Thanksgiving advertisements or sales. You walk into stores prior to Halloween and see Christmas decorations displayed. The first of November just came and already Christmas music is playing on the radio and television is showing Christmas-themed advertisements.

The hype of Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year because people want to get in on the Christmas sales and businesses want to make money. I walked into Best Buy before Halloween even came and already they had sales for Christmas and were playing Christmas music, bypassing Thanksgiving all together.

I feel that people don’t appreciate the Christmas season like they used too. I remember talking to my friends when we were younger about going out after Thanksgiving and getting a Christmas tree to decorate with the family and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now people seem to rush to put up their tree and decorations so they can go out shopping.

I don’t celebrate Christmas, so why do I have to hear it on the radio or see it on television or on billboards when traveling? People I know are already talking about how they decorated their house and bought and decorated their Christmas tree, or how they are playing Christmas music in their cars or homes.

So do we really need to start celebrating Christmas as early as we do, or can it wait until after Thanksgiving?