All That Without a Bag of Chips

Students react to a bag of chips being removed from the lunch meal


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer

Everyone’s favorite snack just got cut.

Starting this school year school lunches are no longer are serving chips as a side upsetting many students.

There is a rumor that the school suffered budget cuts, and decided to take away chips from the student to make up for the lost money.

Not only did taking the chips away anger students, but by not replacing them students were annoyed as well. Many found it unfair that they didn’t replace it with another side. “Even if the chips are only  75 cents, now they didn’t replace it with another side. So all we get is the main dish and a side which is usually very small,” said senior Ryan Kline.

Another reason students are disappointed is because for some, chips are the main part of their meal. “I find it disappointing because sometimes that was all I had to eat because I’m a very picky eater, so now I just don’t eat lunch sometimes,” said senior Mekayla Vasquez.

Another reason students like having chips is because they can trade them for something else.

Students traded them for juice, other food, or even other chip flavors.

Students also want chips back because they can be used as something keep them filled until school ends. “I don’t eat school lunch all the time but the chips help hold me over till I can go get something to eat after school,” said Kline.

So far there has not been another announcement about the change in school lunches. Until they do, students must make due with paying for their beloved chips.