Pro & Con: Report Cards Move Online


Brennan Dial and Yacob Reyes

Pro by Brennan Dial

Report cards came out about two weeks ago and there are many mixed opinions on the fact that it is now all online.

This new system of online report cards means that they are easily accessed anywhere and everywhere as long as you have access to the Internet. This way you don’t have to worry about losing it or not having it on you because you can pull out your phone and pull it up to show anyone. This gives the advantage to see past report cards because they save them on the website.

Another benefit is saving paper. With, less paper not being consumed less trees will be cut down. With the nation’s minimal focus on the environment, Hillsborough County is happy to do it’s part.

Speaking of Hillsborough County, having report cards online means they don’t have to spend the money to have them all printed. With that saved money they can then use it to better schools by purchasing the things they need. They could buy different utensils for students or maybe better computers for the school. Maybe focus on equipment for athletic programs, or split the money to the different departments of the schools for them to spend it on what they need.

Report cards are important and will now be online at the end of every quarter. Despite there being some cons, the pros are definitely ones to consider. The district is doing what is best for the community and schools.



Con by Yacob Reyes

Last summer Hillsborough County made the decision to stop printing report cards and allow them to be accessed online.

Though this seems like a good change many problems may arise from this decision.

For one, parents may find this sudden change frustrating and troublesome.

“Although it’s saving paper, it causes confusion because the older generation is not as familiar with technology as we are,” said sophomore Julian Bolta.

The change is just making matters more complicated, especially for an age demographic that hasn’t totally conformed to the ever growing use of technology.

Some students may even take advantage of their parent’s technological ignorance and hide their grades. With report cards online, withholding grades just became virtually effortless.

“Before students had to really try to hide grades from parents but now they’ve made it so much easier that it’d be surprising if they didn’t,” said junior Eudaya Johnson  

PhotoShop among other applications can be used to alter photos of grades.

In an attempt to see the difficulty and time needed to actually perform this task I was amazed on how quickly I was able to change my grades. In under 10 minutes of downloading Adobe Photoshop Mix and uploading a screenshot of my report card I was able to select the grades I wanted to alter and completely remove and replace them with a better grade. While report cards online might be more convenient the authenticity is in jeopardy.

If the goal of report cards is to inform parents it isn’t doing such a good job online.