Pro & Con: The Rising Cost of Parking Permits

Pro & Con: The Rising Cost of Parking Permits

Leigh Dittman and Yacob Reyes

Pro by Leigh Dittman

The new parking cost, which has gone up recently, has caused students to be alarmed. Students at Gaither are wondering if the school needed their permission in order for the change to be put in place.

The price, which has been boosted up from five dollars in previous years, is now at a startling $20. Some of the students and staff argue it is to benefit the school.

The whole district raised parking prices effective immediately. Multiple sources have given various answers. Towing companies have raised their prices which has caused the schools to raise their prices as well.

If students take into account the trips and their activities done outside of Gaither sponsored by the school, the raising in the cost may be more clear to understand. Some students have realized the possible outcomes and agree with the change.

“Raised prices allow us to have more money in our overall budget for school events… students can have a nicer prom, good senior days, things like that,” said junior Jillian Dowden.

These activities may also include an increase of value for positive referrals which could help students become less aggressive and more helpful to others.

Supporting the price inflation will also mean students are supporting other students.



Con by Yacob Reyes

Parking at Gaither just got more expensive. From last year’s price of $5,  students are now expected to pay $20.

It is to no surprise that this news hasn’t been well-received by most of the student body, but what has truly angered students is their lack of voice in this particular matter.

“They made a decision that affects student’s without speaking to us first,” said sophomore Evan Sams.

In past years, some students have parked without paying for the pass and not much is known about what administration has done to better enforce the campus rule requiring students to purchase a pass.

“I know students who have parked in the lot, without passes,” Sams said “Why should we pay 15 dollars more when others aren’t?”

Apparently Gaither is not the only school being affected by this change. “We’ve been told the county raised it across the board for all schools.” said a member of the PTSA.

What’s even more surprising is that students are not the only ones kept out of the loop in regards to the reason behind the price increase.

When questioned about it, Mr. Lewandowski said “I have absolutely no idea, I’d like to know myself.”

Other members of administration have made attempts to explain the rise in price to increase funds that will generate back to the students through the form of positive referral incentives. This however does not provide a valid reason as to why students are the ones providing these funds.

“They are taking away money from a larger group of students to waste on a system effecting a smaller one,” said junior Samantha Blanco.

With the large demographic of students who currently drive to school it’s shocking that the district would create a policy affecting them without listening to the voices of these students, and with no apparent reason as to why. Overall the raising of the parking passes, doesn’t appear to be making the best impression on our students.