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The Dos and Don’ts of your Freshman Year

Brennan Dial, Staff Writer

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We all know being a freshman isn’t the easiest or most fun thing in the world. It seems as if you’re set to be the odd one out the second you enter the doors of high school. Not to worry, class of 2020, here is a list of ten does and don’ts to help you get through this year:


  • Do not walk slow in the hallways.

We only get 5 minutes in between each class to go to our lockers, get some water, or go to the bathroom, so keep walking! Walking slow will not only make you late, but everyone around you will be equally as frustrated.

  • Don’t run in the halls.

If there is anything that makes it obvious you’re a freshman, it is running in the halls. When you run in the halls, you end up cutting people off, hitting them, and irritating people. Follow the first tip and you will get to class on time, guaranteed.

  • Do listen to your teachers.

When a teacher tells you something, LISTEN! They aren’t wasting their breath, everything they say is important. Remember, they want to see you be successful.

  • Do not get in with the wrong crowd.

If you are hanging out with people and they are doing things you know you shouldn’t be doing and getting into trouble, then they are not the best people to be spending your time with. Make high school enjoyable and surround yourself with those who feel the same.

  • Get involved! Join clubs.

Joining clubs is great to put on a college resume and it can get you service hours and they are a lot of fun and gives you many opportunities to meet new people and learn new things.

  • Don’t catch “Senioritis” too quick.

You will thank yourself if you focus on the important things now. Finish out strong keep your grades up, don’t let your GPA drop this early in the game!

  • Try to keep a mature mind set

Try to keep in mind that this isn’t middle school anymore! A lot of kids in high school are about to be adults so they don’t want to be around someone who is being immature.



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The Student-Led Newspaper of Gaither High School.
The Dos and Don’ts of your Freshman Year