Dealing With The Seemingly Incurable Case Of Senioritis


Brianna Maxey, Staff Writer

Senioritis is a real thing. So real in fact, that it took me a week to write these two sentences.

Senioritis is the term referring to the decreased motivation towards school work by students who are near the end of their high school careers (SENIORitis). After 13 solid and consecutive years of schooling, many students lose their motivation towards doing any more work and look at the school year as “almost finished”. Here’s 5 tips on how to deal with your seemingly incurable case of senioritis.

1) Make goals for the year.

It’s important to make sure you have goals that you want to achieve before the year is over. Maybe you want to get a job, or buy a car. Maybe you want to make the honor roll (finally). Setting goals will help you to stop looking at senior year as a chore to finish but more of a year of opportunity.

2) Don’t stress yourself out.

Don’t work yourself too hard about your last year in high school. Yes school is important but your mental health is important as well. Make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep and giving yourself some time to relax and renew yourself.


3) Don’t use all of your senior days.

Yes it’s important to give yourself some time to give your mind to rest, but it’s a smart decision to keep your senior days in case of an emergency.


4) Breathe.

It’s your senior year and the future is almost here. You’re almost done with high school and moving on to the next steps of your life. Enjoy the time you have left with your friends, and the few responsibilities that you have at the moment.


5) Accept that not everything is perfect.

You might not get into your dream college. You might not finish that essay in time. It’s important to realize that this is life. Not everything is going to be perfect. It’s senior year. Have fun.