Sweet Gifts To Give Your Sweetie!

Noel Lyons, Staff Writer

Did you forget about Valentine’s Day? Out of ideas? Need a cute gift fast?

Valentine’s Day is a day to give your significant other a gift of appreciation, or to show you really do care for them.

As a female, personally it’s better to make the gifts more thoughtful and sentimental. If you’ve been with the person for a good amount of time, then you most likely have a lot of pictures. A photo collage is the way to go. Pick out your favorite memories, print them out, get a picture frame or photo album, and put the photos in there. This is an easy yet cute gift that they would love.

Another cute idea is to buy candy and write notes about them. Even though it’s simple, if you say a sweet pun or use a play on words its shows that you put thought and effort into it. Plus, everyone loves puns and food.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, flowers and a heartfelt letter is one of the nicest ways to show you love someone. Take them on a picnic in the park, make them dinner, or even plan a cute date instead of the cliché “dinner and a movie.”

Although valentines isn’t just about the gifts, it’s a reassuring way to say that you have feelings or care for someone.