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In the Present Excited About Presents

Nick Delrio, News/Features Editor

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year– almost.

The excitement of Christmas is unbearable; you’ve been waiting all year and now that time is nearing to the one day of ultimate joy, you’re too excited to hide it.

In fact on Nov. 1st, you probably started to listen to the holiday music your ears have desired for too long. You’re ready to jam to the Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra holiday music playlists you’ve stored in the depths of your iTunes. You also notice that you’ve started humming to the tune that goes with the first sentence in this article.

You aren’t the only person yearning for this season. Commercials with Christmas tunes playing in the background are starting to air more often. You think you’re fine getting into the holiday spirit considering other people start celebrating Christmas in July. Keep telling yourself that.

Getting into the holiday of joy and cheer couldn’t possibly seem like a terrible idea, right?  If you think about how long the months of December and November are, it is a total of 61 days. Though to some it may not be a challenge but listening to a Christmas playlist for 61 days straight would get a little overwhelming and exhausting, most people get tired of albums that rolled out recently this year in such little time.

By the time Christmas comes around you won’t even be in the holiday spirit anymore and it’ll just feel like you want it to get over with the event. Instead of enjoying the day with family and the magic of Christmas, you’ll be wanting to hop into the New Year.

But music and the overall energy of Christmas isn’t the only downside of getting in the holly jolly mood early. While waiting for Christmas morning, we sometimes forget about the holiday of thanks. The one holiday where everyone gathers around a giant table, breaks wish bones, and watch the game with the men of the family.

We take Thanksgiving for granted, ironically. Which is a shame because it’s also one of the times that you get to see those family members that may not be able to fly during Christmas. So it’s a bit unfair that we get caught in the excitement of Christmas where present holidays, that stare us right in the face, get skimmed over.

Just remember the best gift is the present, not the gifts from Christmas.

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In the Present Excited About Presents