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SAT Score Delays Lead Students to Question College Board’s Reliability

Michael Alpuin, Managing Editor

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College Board has recently been experiencing nationwide interruptions in sending students’ Scholastic Aptitude Test scores to colleges leaving many college applicants helpless.

This delay has been giving students difficulties in reaching many Early Action deadlines for schools, adding an unnecessary stressor to an already stressful year. Many universities offer interested students the option to apply early, usually November 1st, to receive an expedited admissions decision and greater consideration for scholarships. With this recent delay from College Board, that deadline is becoming close to impossible to meet.


After having the audacity to charge students and their families over $50 to take the test and then another $11.25 per score report, taking over three weeks to report scores is unacceptable. Last year, nearly 1.7 million students took the SAT, meaning these costs are affecting a large amount of the nation’s youth.

“We are working diligently to deliver the SAT score reports to colleges as soon as possible in order to meet college application deadlines,” College Board recently stated in an email distributed to affected students.

This generic apology and a promise of effort does not compensate for the issues that arise with this particular delay. The benefits of students applying early to certain institutions are immense. Ranging from a higher chance of admission to a waived application fee, every day is crucial when making sure required materials make it to universities on time.


“Not only does it cost extra money to send the scores to colleges, but after paying nearly 15 dollars for each score it takes them around a month, at least for me, for them to do something that should take two minutes,” said senior Sebastian Leguizamon.

With October and November being the busiest and most stressful time of year for all involved in the college application process, it would seem that College Board would be prepared for the high level of traffic their site experienced. Simply stating that they have to catch up on reports is not a valid excuse. A similar service, ACT Inc. who administers the American College Test has managed to stay on top of their student’s requests and have been able to deliver scores in two to three days during this time.


“ACT sent my scores right away which got me accepted into two colleges before my SAT scores were even processed,” said senior Alex Barberan.

Even with the ACT’s superior services, many students are still left dependent on College Board due to their preference of previous test scores or school’s requiring the scores for all tests ever taken.


It is also important to note that College Board’s influence stretches beyond the SAT test. The company is also responsible for the Advanced Placement program found at schools across the country. AP allows students to take a class with a curriculum created by College Board to assist them in taking a test administered by College Board.


“College board has helped me prepare for the rigorous classes I’m going to be taking in college by offering a plethora of interesting ap classes. But, when trying to send my AP scores to Florida State University and University of Central Florida it took awhile for them to get [my scores],” said Leguizamon.


With the stranglehold College Board has on the education and wallet of secondary and postsecondary education, the question we must pose is this:

Why have we allowed one profit seeking company to hold all the power over testing and curriculum that all students interested in furthering their education must take?


But the solution isn’t found within the students or the testing agencies themselves. It requires the cooperation of credible postsecondary institutions in accepting other tests as indicators of future academic performance, however, it is unlikely that things will change for the time being as the College Board continues to administer overpriced tests and mediocre service.

Looking forward, it is important that students observe these ridiculous delays and plan ahead. Our lack of control over the services and delays being experienced by this year’s test takers can merely be taken as a lesson that the SAT Testing Service is not a reliable as we would hope.

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SAT Score Delays Lead Students to Question College Board’s Reliability