Set a Date with Your Date

Nick Delrio, News/Features Editor

Homecoming, the night of dancing, laughing, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Some of these memories can be shared with friends, alone or with a date.

For some students, this night will resemble their high school reputation or to others may just be another Saturday night out. There are two options with dates for this event: students can have a picture “date” with someone dear to them, or they may take a special someone on an actual date.

But no matter what choice students decide on, there will always be the obstacle of asking their potential date. Will they do it during lunch by asking over the microphone, at the football game, or in the comfort of their own home when they are chilling with their sweetheart?

Having a date goes into a lot of depth unless one doesn’t really have interest in said person. Meaning one of two people doesn’t want to go just as friends. If they have interest in someone and would like to expand their friendship into a more serious notation, then they would want to put a little bit more effort into their proposal.

Going with a date to homecoming has multiple perks to it besides spending the night with one person who is important to them. First off, it would be not showing up, getting dropped off, or parking and walking in alone. Unless one can look really cool and pull it off, do it.

Second perk of going with a date is students have someone to go to when they want to dance and nobody else is feeling the groove. Students and their date can walk onto the dance floor and display how well they can boogie.

Last and final perk of having a date is that after homecoming, students and their dates can go grab a bite at a local joint, or if they still have some energy in them, head to a party where they can dance and enjoy the ambiance of that environment.

But all in all, even if students don’t show up with a date, it truly doesn’t matter. It would be cool, but not a huge down side if they go alone or with a group of friends because people can’t make memories for each other. If they’re personal memories, one creates them on their own. Enjoy the night, be safe and never forget to boogie