Going to Homecoming Alone has it’s Pros, Cons

Hannah Reasor, Entertainment Editor

Homecoming is known as a time students get asked on dates, dress up nice with friends, and party the night away at the Starlight Dance.

However, homecoming is not exclusive to couples and groups of friends. Going alone is also a possibility and many students may do so.

There are many benefits of going to homecoming alone, such as, not worrying about paying for other people’s food, picking them up, driving them home and all the other responsibilities of going with people. Going alone also gives you the advantage of having all the time in the world to get ready and deciding when to leave the dance.

Homecoming is a time to dress nice and flaunt new outfits and exciting accessories. Going to homecoming alone doesn’t really mean you’re going alone.

Students who go alone can meet up with friends at the dance. The dance will have food, music and lots of smiles and laughter. Being completely alone at the dance will not bring about these great things a dance can offer, but friends can help lift the mood of the night.

This doesn’t take away from getting to the dance alone and getting back alone. Students can even leave the dance and meet up with friends at a restaurant or another place.

A disadvantage of going alone to homecoming is that students will not experience all of homecoming together. Getting ready together, picking each other up, and driving to the venue together, are all a part of the exciting night of homecoming. Pictures are also a big part of the night and without your friends or a date, pictures are kind of lonely- which for some people may be an issue. Homecoming is an annual event and students can only get this chance four times in their high school career.

Homecoming is a great opportunity to hang out and be with friends, but going alone is just as fun. Don’t sit alone at the dance though, sap the opportunities of homecoming dry with friends. Although, you don’t need a date or a group of friends to be with you on the way there.

Stay safe, smile big, and have fun- at the Starlight Homecoming Dance.