Do relationships even matter in high school?

Gloria Rodriguez, Graphics Team

Love is a four letter word that coincides with relationships and is often used religiously.   To some it’s a way of showing affection and showing that they care. To others it’s like an obligation or the second step in a relationship.   “I think that high school kids use ‘love’ way too much and way too soon. I know that it’s possible for people under the age 18 to experience love, I just think that the majority of teenagers aren’t sure what it is,” said senior Chelsey Sweet. Being in high school students are constantly exposed to those two words. Many constantly seem to try and find a soul mate at such a young age. Without even stopping to think are relationships even serious? Do they matter in high school? Why do people take them so serious? Simple, it’s everywhere around. This is especially heard through numerous songs on the radio, such as “It Girl,” “Next to You” “Just a Kiss,” “Remind Me” or any Taylor Swift song ever written! “It’s not important to be in a relationship it’s important to be independent. But being with someone isn’t a bad thing,” said senior Christina Fernandez. Other students feel as if high school relationships are detrimental to the experience. “It’s important to have a person that can be more than just a friend,” junior Nick Dalan said. Whether being in a relationship is ephemeral or last forever, high school relationships occur. Most times relationships are not as serious, at a young age you are more vulnerable to the idea of love. “I felt like in my past relationships I was in love but honestly I know now that it’s ridiculous to think that someone I met when I was 15 would be my soul mate. I have 70 years to go,” said Sweet.  High school, relationships bring up numerous issues both negative and positive. Having a relationship is not as important as the world around us leads us to believe. People can definitely survive high school without it. It does not matter it’s more of a preference. It’s a part of our social behaviors. Students should not be duped by the constant pressures they feel due to people dating around them. That aspect does not affect the everyday life of being a teenager or a student. It is simply a pleasant step of life that will be taken when the time is right for the individual.