PRO: Technology becomes essential to education

In this modern era, technology is no longer just a fad but a foundation for education.

 More and more schools are starting to replace text books with ibooks, the long-standing chalkboards are being replaced by SMART boards, and remote controls are no longer being used to change channels on the television, but for answering a teacher’s question instead of the traditional “raising your hand”.

 But is all this technology in the classroom good?

 Look at it this way, would you rather listen to your teacher babel on about  the 2,000 mile trek westward on the Oregon Trail or play the Oregon Trail computer game, which allowed you to take control of a of a pioneer and experience the long journey first hand, that is virtually of course. I think the choice there is quite obvious.

 Technology doesn’t only make boring subjects in school a tad bit more interesting, but it also allows for a competitive edge when it comes to finding a career. Lets face it, there really aren’t many jobs out there anymore that have yet to be taken over by technology.

 So, unless you’re looking to pursue a long successful career as a septic tank cleaner, you’re going to have to learn how to use some type of technology at some point in your life and what better time to start than while you’re still a cute little kid in school.

 Kids, nowadays, are like sponges, they absorb every piece of information you throw at them, so it’s quite obvious that teaching kids at a young age in school how to use various pieces of technology is the best way to prepare them for the difficult technological life that lies ahead of them.

 If we do not use technology in the classroom today and kids aren’t able to learn how to deal with the many different types of technology, then it is going to be very difficult for our society to move forward and answer life long questions such as what is the cure for cancer?

 With that being said, education in schools today is definitely moving in a more technological direction, as it should. Soon, maybe even in our lifetime, everything will be run by technology and those who do not know how to use technology will not have the ability to help contribute to the improvement of our society let alone have a long successful career.