He’s just not that into you

Amber Razzano, Features Editor

Being attracted to somebody in high school is undeniably common. Girls have distinct qualities that they look for in a guy. Gentlemen, listen up because teenage girls have a lot to tell you. 

There are always the key things girls are looking for in a potential partner.

“Most girls look for looks. I look for looks but also personality’s a huge thing. If his personality is conceited then I don’t like it at all, and I don’t find it attractive,” said junior Krista Rodriguez.

Personality and appearance seem to be the key traits that attract females.

 “I look for pretty eyes and a nice smile,” said senior Kaycee McGuire.

Now that girls have found what attracts them, they evaluate their stance on relationships. Relationships during the course of high school years tend to last, on average, around a month and a half or two months. After that, the individuals decide they are bored with each other or something just isn’t working out.

Girls try to find numerous characteristics in a relationship to make it last.

“[In a relationship I look for] someone that’s understanding [as well as] support, love, hugs and kisses,” said junior Nicole Murcia.

Four out of five girls say that they look for love in a relationship.

Dating is a complex relationship that can either grow or fail. Girls date for many reasons.

“I guess [girls] like the idea of dating. It’s comforting to have a boyfriend. Someone you can like hang out with and have fun with. It’s just nice, to have a boyfriend, that’s just my opinion,” said sophomore Kathryn Highland.

Some girls say that fellow companions date for popularity. Surviving the hectic food chain of high school is one of the reasons girls said they would enter a relationship.

On the other hand, some date for fun and others date to find their number one.

“You date in high school because some of the guys are cute, and they can make long relationships last,” said Murcia.

While some relationships have the potential to last long, that may have consequences which make a number of girls uneasy contributing to reasons they may not date in high school.

 “There’s a chance that it could turn into a long relationship and with long relationships comes a lot of emotional baggage sometimes; and then when problems arise and if you break up, there’s a lot of heartache and division of friends. Also you have to get used to not having somebody around and next to you every single day,” said Rodriguez.

The perspective from a senior girl on reasons to not date might have to do with their inevitable departure.

“I wouldn’t want to date because I’m a senior and like the goodbye thing is pretty tough so there’s like no point,” said McGuire.

Other negative effects are time consumption, drama, and uncontrollable emotions.

Either way the topic is examined, dating in high school from a girl’s perspective has negative effects as well as positive effects.

Looking at the positive effects females gain comfort, love, and happiness from a healthy relationship.  Although females say it may be hard to find the right companion in high school.

“You may think you know that they’re the right guy, then they turn out not to be. They turn out to be a jerk,” said junior Brandee Fitzpatrick.

Girls of all ages are aware of the “jerk factor”.

“Most of the guys are jerks. It’s hard to find the nice guys to be in a relationship,” said freshman Kala Hernandez.

So where do girls find that right guy?

 “The good guys are never easy to find. Sometimes they’re the guys you wouldn’t think you liked. Guys that are just your friends and they have good characteristics, and then you turn out liking them or realizing that they’re a good guy and you’re like hey, want to date?” said Rodriguez.

Many factors run through the minds of teenage girls on dating and males. Trying to figure the way they think out is like trying to unravel concrete; it’s impossible unless you’re one of them.