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Cheaters never win

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Cheating is something that every school, teacher and student has experienced before, whether they were the cheater themselves or they were the smart one the cheater was cheating off of.

It’s sad to say, but just about every student has cheated at least once. Yes, cheating is wrong and its something no one should take part of but its always going to happen.

If someone does happen to get away with it, they still lose. Yeah they may pass this time but the information they were supposed to learn and cheated instead, they’ll have to know for the new information they learn, meaning they’ll will have to learn twice as much or cheat again. Cheating is only a win in the short run, but  in the long run its a loss.

Cheating can result from various reasons, whether the student stayed up late at their mandatory sport’s practice, they simply forgot, or they were just too lazy to put any effort into studying.

 Not everyone in class is going to study and ace a test; there are going to be those people who want to take the ‘easy’ way out.

However, that ‘easy’ way isn’t always easy. Students have gone to extreme lengths in order to cheat. Sometimes cheating ends up being more work rather than just studying: writing down a bunch of information in teeny tiny writing on a teeny tiny piece of paper, trying to swiftly look at the kid’s scantron next to you without it being obvious, or even making signals with your friends to try to sign for answers during the test.

Cheating isn’t always that simple; it can get complex to the point where it’s not even worth the risk. Teachers attempt to stop cheating by threatening grades, sending students down to the office, or calling mommy or daddy.

So what should we do about this cheating situation? Well, let’s study, let’s actually read, let’s do what we came to school to do, learn! Everything students are learning now in school is going to prepare them for college. College is expensive. Why would students want to pay for extra classes in college when they could have learned that same information for free in high school? Let’s be smart.

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Cheaters never win