Handy tips for surviving Gaither High School

Amber Razzano, Staff Writer

Every student has run into problems during the school year, whether it is getting lost or getting shoved around. High school is a hazardous place where crazy things happen but with these handy tips, your chances of survival will be much greater.

  1. Making out in the hallways is highly unappealing. Take it from me; nobody wants to see you and your significant other smooching, so save it for later.
  2. Do not block the doorways, stair cases, or lockers. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallways. If you stop, I guarantee you will be shoved. You can talk to friends, but make it snappy.
  3. Be yourself. If you are trying to get your crush’s attention: Ladies, don’t over-do the make-up, and boys, nobody likes a show off.
  4. Take the back hallways.
  5. If you have a class in the “300 hallway”, it is by the buses.
  6. If you lose a personal belonging, check the lost and found in SAO.
  7. Don’t believe everything you hear.
  8. Watch what you say because you could offend someone without realizing it.
  9. If you fall asleep in class, do not drool.
  10. Put your name on everything.
  11. Dress cool and comfortable for yourself, not for other people.
  12. Join sports teams or clubs. It’s a great way to meet new kids.
  13. To find out what is happening around school look at flyers posted in halls, watch GTV, or go to the Pony Express’ online newspaper