‘Star-Spangled Spectrum’ lights up night

Star Spangled Spectrum taken by Sabrina Tam, Center Spread Editor

Sabrina Tam

Star Spangled Spectrum taken by Sabrina Tam, Center Spread Editor

Sabrina Tam, Center Spread Editor

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The two night event of “Star Spangled Spectrum”, April 23rd and 24th, presented by the Gaither High School Chorus, starts off opening night with a bang.

The concert consist of songs about America; classic songs we all know and love and a dance number of Yankee Doodle choreographed and performed by Annette, Yvette, and Janette Gutierrez, who have been choreographing Spectrum shows for the past four years.

There were performances and break out moments for singers like senior Ian Matthews, who won everyone over with his stellar performance of “New York, New York,” which had everyone up in their seats clapping by the end of the song.

“The show was great! Ian was my favorite performance because his voice was so beautiful and it shocked me. I didn’t know he could sing so well!” said senior Nava Rodriguez.

Another jaw dropping performance was by Brianna Jones who sang “Midnight Train to Georgia” which definitely showed off her stunning vocal talent that landed her a standing ovation.

“I honestly loved it. It made me laugh a lot of the time and was oddly beautiful at others, and there were some classic songs that I haven’t heard in a while that made me so happy. My favorite songs were ‘New York, New York’ by Ian, ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ by Brianna and ‘Surfin’ USA’ by all the guys of Spectrum,” said junior Andrew Guggenheim.

Plenty of seniors had their moment in the spotlight, like Noah Goepper who sang “American Pie” with Caitlyn Feenaughty and Kiana Walman who sang “Boy from New York” with backup from Cayley Chippeaux, Matt Lewis, and KaleyAnna Raabe.

The most energetic performance that seemed to get everyone pumped and out of their chairs was “American Idiot” sung by Ryan Mills, Caleb Chippeaux, Stephan Slay, Kenny Baez, Ian Matthews, and Diego Duran. They sure knew how to entertain a crowd not only with their voices, but with their backflips and stunts. Their intensity and energy made the whole performance seem like a real rock concert.

“I liked American Idiot the most,” said senior Luke Arroyo.

However, the most heartfelt part of the whole evening was the tribute to those who have served for our country and for those who are still on active duty. With the “Patriotic Sing-Along Medley” sang by all of chorus as the crowd recognized and applauded for those who stood up when their branch of service was called.

The night was packed with great music and fun. The performances were amazing, skits were comedic and everything seemed to go without a hitch. All the members of chorus outdid themselves with this show.

See photos below!

Star Spangled Spectrum taken by Sabrina Tam, Center Spread Editor

Star Spangled Spectrum taken by Sabrina Tam, Center Spread Editor

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