New community college plan has benefits

Hannah Reasor, Staff Writer

Back in January of this year, President Barack Obama proposed a plan for willing students to attend two years of community college absolutely free. Although criticized heavily by conservatives, the plan would help students obtain an associate’s degree and have better job opportunities, thus lowering the unemployment rate.

“I want to spread that idea all across America, so that two years of college becomes as free and universal in America as high school is today,” said Obama.

The plan set out for the program was that 9 million students would benefit from the program as long as their grade point averages remained a 2.5. The program would cost $80 billion over 10 years, with the state and federal governments splitting the supported tuition.

The costs are high, but amount of students it would help is tremendous. If the government can support a high amount of students through community colleges then there would be less unemployment and more wages would be taxed, therefore the government would still be getting money from the taxes.

Obama’s proposal is “a great initiative, because it invests in low and middle class students” according to Jennifer Wang, the policy director for the advocacy group Young Invincibles.

There are many conservatives who feel that the program is too risky to consider. The Minnesota congressman who is chairman of the House, John Kline believes the plan is unaffordable considering the money already being spent for the government’s other commitments.

The government spends billions of dollars on war and other affairs but is hesitant on spending the billions on two years of college tuition for about 9 million students. There is no fairness in that. This plan would give less privileged students the ability to get at least an associate’s degree and possibly find better work than what they can get with only a high school degree.

The road to this plan being successful is a long and arduous one but the benefits from it towards the less fortunate are tremendous. There would also be a rise in employment which helps the country and government. It can help solve the homeless problem and keep teenagers off the street.

There are reasons to fight against the plan but there are reasons to fight for it, and the reasons to fight for it outweigh the reasons to fight against the plan.