Chorus’ Spectrum Uplifts and Inspires in a Time of Changes and Difficulties


Emilee Namphengsone, Staff Writer

Gaither’s chorus ensembles wrap up their yearly final performance, Spectrum, as a night to remember. From dance numbers to comedy skits, the glitter-filled show left the audience with a radiant energy.  

While the show was successful with a packed auditorium, doubts about the show were admitted.

About two weeks before the show, Gaither High School was met with a spike of COVID-19 cases. Unfortunately, with empty classrooms and absent students, the chorus program faced new, last-minute obstacles. 

“With some of the kids at home everyday and kids getting called out for seating chart quarantines, I honestly didn’t know if the show was going to be possible or come together,” said Chorus Director Debra Cleveland, “this was the kind of show where no one’s [really] allowed to have any absences because of the collaborations. Everyone relies on each other to complete their tasks to put on the show.” 

“Communication was very important to make sure that people who were quarantined or had to miss rehearsal were able to catch up or stay up to date with their group,” said Chorus President Lauren Guagliardo. 

Luckily, E-Learners and quarantined students were able to communicate through group FaceTimes and text messages. The process was hard and sometimes uncomfortable, but the determination of the performers overcame the difficulties. 

The show began with a spectacular opening of Shut Up and Dance. The musicians performed in front of large glitter signs that hung from the ceilings of the stage as they were covered from head-to-toe in glitter themselves. The bright number was filled with bold energy that started off the 2-hour show. 

In between numbers, small skits were acted out by the chorus’s student body to keep the audience engaged and having fun. 

From background dancers to shining dresses, Spectrum soloists successfully left a big impact on their audience, whether it was in tears or applauds, as they were able to showcase their musical talents.

Solo numbers were performed by Camden O’Donnell, Madison Fries, Alex Cirino, Brandon Foddrill and Carson Stuart. 

Carson Stuart performing Uptown Girl with background singers, Brian and Bradley, and a choreographed dance by Lauren, Heidi, Caelyn and Liana. 



All background music was performed by the Showcase Band, a student-led band made up of 5 musicians: Owen Waugh, Julian Negron, Matt Korloch, AJ Reyes and Mia Schwartz. 

Matthew Korloch, student drummer and keyboardist, and many other performers can agree that their 2021 Spectrum was definitely one they can’t forget. 

“[The] show was incredible,” said Korloch, “a great energy was there, and the emotions of a final performance didn’t overwhelm us. We created an awesome environment and an awesome performance.”

“Spectrum was honestly one of the best chorus experiences I’ve ever had,” said vocalist Madison Fries, “the feeling of being on that stage and performing music with the people you love and who share the same art as you do and knowing that there are people in that audience that you’re reaching out to is such an amazing feeling. There really is no bond like the one that connects us all through music.” 

The show’s final song was Uptown Funk performed by the entire cast and sung by Zavier Davis and Carson Stuart.

Spectrum left a great impact on the audience with positive reviews. Senior James Simpson, along with many others in the audience, experienced his first ever Spectrum show last week. 

“I’ve never had the opportunity to go to a Spectrum concert but I’ve always heard they were awesome so I was super stoked when I heard that I was able to get my hands on a ticket this year,” said Simpson. “The whole thing rocked me and I always had a smile on my face! [Madison Fries]’s rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and [Camden O’Donnell]’s performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water gave me chills.”

“Spectrum was spectacular. Every group was amazing [at] delivering great vocals and energy,” said Senior Ben Hense. “I’m very impressed that they were able to put on such a great show during such a confusing year.”

As the chorus program wraps up their final days of the year, students and teachers are proud of the hard work and dedication that has been put into the show because, to them, music is more than just some notes on a page.

There is still one more show! Gaither’s Showcase Finale is on Thursday, May 6th. The show will begin at 7:00 p.m. and include performances from both the band and vocalists.