Starlight Homecoming Court a Success Despite Months of Delay


Tulio Martinez, Staff Writer

High school homecoming is a very big deal for students all around the country. Homecoming involves a home football game followed by a dance usually with a week of demonstrating school spirit to kick it off. 

Due to COVID restrictions, a homecoming dance was unable to be planned and a homecoming game was never held, until now. Five months after when the festivities would usually be planned Gaither held their annual Starlight Homecoming court at one of the Lady Cowboys Flag Football games.

Voting for king and queen this year was done online through Canvas with the first round being seniors voting for self-nominated candidates and the second a school-wide vote for the top ten contenders.

The candidates for 2020-2021’s Starlight Homecoming King included Jorge Leon-Lopez, Luke Woychowski, Jacob Choe, Marcus Daniely, Nicholas Dimillo, Benjamin Hense, Lorenzo Martinez, Kyle Raab, Michael Tran and Logan Valenti. 

Candidates for Homecoming Queen were Abigail Dietrich, Olivia Furr, Grace Hanlin, Shelly Jarmel, Mystique Quade, Gabriella Reyes, Olivia Rojo, Riley Stover, Klea Watters-Kniess and Nicolleta Zarcone.

“It’s an honor to be part of such an amazing group of people and COVID may have given us many restrictions on how we approach this event but our attitude makes it all as magical as if COVID wasn’t a thing,” says Senior Jorge Leon.

The crowning for homecoming court happened at the Gaither vs Alonso high school at 7:00 p.m. in Gaither’s Death Valley stadium.

When the votes came in, Senate Sponsor Trumbach announced that the second runner-ups for king and queen, Jacob Choe and Grace Hanlin. The first runner-ups, Benjamin Hense and Olivia Rojo, and finally the 2021 Starlight Homecoming King and Queen, Nicholas Dimillo and Gabriella Reyes.

While sadly the Lady Cowboys lost against Alonso at 33-6, the night was still a success for many seniors who were happy COVID would not be taking another part of senior year away from them.