Class of 2021 Hopeful for Eventful Semester After Many Event Cancelations


Seniors Luke Woychowski, Kyle Raab, Gus Emery, Michael Tran, and Olivia Rojo.

Emilee Namphengsone, Staff Writer

From mask procedures to postponed and canceled events, Gaither’s Senior Class of 2021 faces one final obstacle–their last spring semester.

After a stressful season of college applications, many seniors are excited for spring.

Senior Caleb Jensen stated, “I think I’m more excited about finishing the spring semester more than anything. I’m a little bummed out that this is my last time playing with the orchestra, but I’m looking forward to final concerts and, hopefully, a nice graduation.”

“I’m excited for Varsity Baseball’s spring season,” said Senior Alex Smith. “I’m looking forward to Senior Night in April and pitching for my team.” 

Many seniors are also worn out and plagued with senioritis, a decline in motivation towards their academics.

“It’s kind of hard staying proactive at school,” said Senior Isabel Larrobis. “I feel like most seniors feel like that right now, really tired and just pushing through the days. But I’m excited to graduate at the end of the year.” 

“I’m excited to see the work that I’ve put in over the four years to all come together,” said Smith. “I feel like I worked my hardest and I’m ready to graduate.” 


So, what happens next? 

After a crazy and different fall semester, Gaither’s Seniors wonder if the spring semester has their best interest. 

Senior Kessie Harbor, along with other 12th graders, worry that her class will face an entire year of missed events rather than just one semester.

“I hope we’re able to have a graduation ceremony or some form of a prom this year, somehow,” said Harbor. “With what happened last year, I’d hate for us to go through the same thing except not get anything at all.” 

According to Senior Class President Gabrielle Reyes, Gaither Senate only has tentative dates for upcoming spring events due to the fluctuating COVID schedule. The tentative dates are listed as the following:

Prom: April 10th

Graduation Bash: April 23rd

Baccalaureate: May 2nd

Senior Graduation: June 2nd

Seniors are encouraged to join the 2021 Remind group for more information and updates on the rest of the school year. Seniors can join the Remind at @ttrumbach or with the link: