Spanish Tutoring Available to All Gaither Students


Katelyn Argueta

To graduate high school, there is a two-year foreign language requirement that all students must meet or test out of. Gaither Spanish Teacher, Carmen Cartagena, is holding tutoring sessions to help out students both in and out of Spanish classes with the language.

Cartagena started Spanish tutoring, “to help students who are struggling in the class, to be able to get help before it’s too late.” 

Carmen explained that students who don’t have Spanish class but go to Spanish tutoring can be very beneficial to those students. 

“Because Spanish tutoring really focuses on understanding mostly a lot of the reading because when you can read well something you grasp the understanding of the vocabulary, of the phrases that you’re learning, so reading comprehension is very important, now other students who may come from another class let’s say social studies class they don’t have me as a Spanish teacher but I can help improve their reading skills in that area as well,” said Cartagena.

If you are thinking of joining the Spanish tutoring, sessions are held on Thursdays and Fridays before school, Mondays after school or by appointment in room 268. Email Cartagena at [email protected] or find her in room 268 if you have any questions or are interested in participating.