Super Bowl Sunday: How Local Students Plan to Celebrate the Big Game


Sophia Messer

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived. Although plans will be different due to Covid, students still have a number of safe ways to enjoy the game. 

Freshman Paris Tran intends to spend the super bowl with herself. 

“I’m planning on staying home and watching the game. I will probably be by myself. I won’t be with any friends,” said Tran. 

Tran’s super bowl plans will be more low key and isolated. She is encouraged to avoid large crowds and be careful of Covid. 

Sophomore Heidi Persaud has a different view. For the super bowl, Persaud plans to enjoy the game with the company of a friend. 

“I am going to my mom’s best friend’s house. Because of covid, there will be only a small number of people watching the game,” said Persaud. 

Due to covid, her plans will be with fewer people for a safer time. 

Freshman Isabelle Carpenter has a similar idea. She plans to visit family friends and keep the party small. 

“I will be with my friend and her family. My plans are different because I won’t be with as many people,” said Carpenter. 

Most students will choose to avoid spending time with large groups of people and tend to keep the numbers small. 

A majority prefer staying home, while taking safety precautions needed to stay healthy and have a good time!