Over 300 E-Learning Students Return to Campus


Kylie Hoaglin

A new semester has recently begun and students’ grades have been refreshed. But what does that mean for in-person learning? Since the start of the second semester, over 300 e-learning students have joined Gaither back on campus.

Some teachers complain of students who have forgotten classroom etiquette like asking permission to use the restroom and getting water.

“Some students need to be reminded about COVID protocol. In a few of my classes, a handful of students aren’t adjusted to in-person learning and are used to doing things at home that they can no longer do here at school,” said algebra teacher Clarence McIntyre.

There also have been many benefits to students’ return.

“Positively, more students are learning in person so that teachers are better able to gauge how a student is handling assignments. Negatively, it may be harder for students to adjust to the brick and mortar school system,” said McIntyre.

At home, students don’t get much feedback on work but in-person teachers can walk the student through the topic.

“There is no question that a lot more people are coming back, and there is a global pandemic where a sickness(COVID-19)is going around, so more people are going to get sick, there will be less and less social distancing. But at the same time, you will be able to see some of your friends. Also the more people who come back, I believe it would boost the academic grades because for online classes, people weren’t doing so well academically. So I am sure when they come back the scores will be better,” said freshman Hailee Sailers.

Because of the amount of students transferring back to school grounds, students and staff will have to be careful with the COVID restrictions.

“The campus has been annoying and stressful because there are way too many people in the school. Many things have been affected, there are way too many students in the halls,  bathrooms, classrooms, lunchroom and more. In the classes there are not a lot of seats to sit at and it is difficult to try and find a seat to sit in. Also there are way too many students in the bathrooms and it’s hard to get your way into the stalls,” said freshman Isabella Transki.

While students continue to return on school grounds, there are positives and negatives to the many students on campus as well as regarding COVID protocols. Students and faculty are advised to wear their masks, be hygienic and practice social distancing.