2020 Winter Spirit Week Off to a Festive Start


Kylie Hoaglin

Spirit week kicked off early on Dec. 11 and will end on Friday, Dec. 16. Spirit week is intended for students and staff to celebrate the week leading up to the two-week holiday break.

Senate Sponsor Teresa Trumbach commented on the Gaither tradition.

“This event is occurring to continue with tradition and make the week before Winter Break a bit more fun for everyone! For students to participate, they can dress up according to each day’s theme and remain school-appropriate!,” said Trumbach. 

It is important to stick to the theme and dress appropriately to have fun and participate this week. 

“Students, and hopefully teachers, staff, and Administration will all participate. I have envisioned the entire student body participating, and on the 18th, we will have the Ugly Holiday Sweater competition during lunches for brick & mortar students,” said Trumbach. 

Both physical and online students are able to participate in the themes for the week and are eligible to compete.

“Virtually for E-Learners, who can submit their photos directly to the Senate instagram page: @ghs.senate If any students still have questions, they should find one of our class senators,” said Trumbach.

The outfit themes are gender-neutral and everyone is encouraged to participate to demonstrate their and their class’s school spirit. 

“It’s kind of interesting to see how many people are wearing red flannels [Friday’s theme] I think the themes are winter themed but at the same time I might not participate in the others because I don’t have the items to participate,” said Freshman Zoe Kessler. 

Spirit week is a fun way to show school spirit and engage with Gaither’s student body in official school events. The contest for the best ugly sweater will be held during the three lunch periods on Friday, Dec. 18 with faculty and students eligible for prizes.