Gasparilla Pirate Festival Pushed to April


Jadyn Bottini

Gasparilla is a beloved festival for many members of the Tampa Bay community. The festival celebrates José Gaspar, a pirate said to bury treasure off the coast of Florida, with a parade and other activities around the city of Tampa. 

Recently the event, originally scheduled for Jan. 30 will be moved to April 10 due to COVID restrictions.

 Many Tampa Bay residents had something to say about the rescheduling.

“It’s disappointing it’s like 2021! Just kidding. It doesn’t feel like 2021,” said sophomore Ashley Custin.

Many people are excited to ring in the new year, hoping to attend events that may have been canceled or pushed back last year. Members of the community are upset that this great tradition has been postponed. Some are just appreciative the parade is still happening. 

“I am just grateful that it didn’t get canceled because I think it’s such a fun experience for children and for the culture and history of Tampa Bay,” said freshman Mackenzie Hall.

She says every year, her dance studio dances in the parade and it’s a wonderful experience for her.

Many people are excited the parade will still be happening even if it is not the same time as usual. Gasparilla is a heartwarming experience for Tampa and the community is excited it can still go on and have some normalcy in a great Tampa Bay tradition.