Second Quarter to Continue Through Winter Break


Jadyn Bottini

As Winter Break draws near, students would normally be preparing for exams and submitting any last-minute work from the past quarter. This year, things are looking different as the quarter will end two weeks after the break due to the school year’s late start date in response to COVID.

Many feel that this allows a chance for students to catch up on work over the holidays.

“I don’t care because it gives me more time to submit any missing work I have and if I don’t have time to do it in class, I can do it over break,” said freshman Isabelle Carpenter.

Students feel that the extra time may give them a chance to bring up their grades and be able to turn in missing assignments if teachers allow.

Others feel it may be overwhelming especially if the class is going to have an end-of-semester assessment.

“I feel like it’s a poor choice because it’s a break between studying and learning,” said sophomore Reilly Gagne.

Students feel they will not retain the information they may have comprehended before the break. Some teachers share the same concerns.

“As a teacher the student expectation, you know at Gaither high school we are a very stringent learning environment so we do need to focus on student achievement, and I think the challenge with ending the quarter in January is going to be students are going to be on their two week break and having them come back after having so much time off like how are those semester grades going to shake out but on the other hand it gives them an opportunity to catch up on maybe late assignments that they can be assigned or extra credit work so there are pros and cons to it,” said Gaither High School Orchestra Director Jacob Heglund.

The semester ending in January leaves students feeling uneasy about their return, but students are hoping to enjoy the holidays knowing they are happy with their grades and ready for when it’s time to conquer a different year even if it’s the same quarter.