Tropical Storm puts Hillsborough County Students back to E-Learning

Mia Chavez

As hurricane Eta is passing over Florida, Gaither High School students have been required to attend their classes through e-learning for Thursday and Friday after their day off for veteran’s day. 

Due to the precedent set into place with COVID, the switch to e-learning went smoothly and easily as students were used to protocol. Students were also reminded, in case they forgot, to use Canvas and zoom to talk with their teachers about what needs to be completed over the following days. 

One concern was that Canvas would crash like has done previously in e-learning periods like Smart Start Week at the beginning of the year. It was expected by many that with about 2,037 kids trying to look at their classes at the same time, it was inevitable that it would crash but that didn’t appear to be the case. 

While this is not as convenient as in-person learning, Canvas is very easy to use and students can quickly access their teachers for questions, the assignments that must be completed, as well as zooms they must attend.

Usually, a hurricane would have caused students to have Thursday and Friday off, but with the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, the year has been far too unstable and there are simply no more days to give up if Seniors are to graduate on time.