Gaither’s Starlight Homecoming Moved to January


Emilee Namphengsone, Staff Writer

From polished shoes to downtown photos, Gaither High School’s Starlight Homecoming is a school event enjoyed by many students wanting to dress up with their friends and dance their Saturday night away. 

But in response to new COVID procedures and restrictions, the October dance was canceled. 

Rumors of a Gaither homecoming dance have been speculated amongst the student body and Senior Class President Gabrielle Reyes with Senate Supervisor Teresa Trumbach provided some insight. 

Reyes confirmed that Gaither’s Senate does have a homecoming date scheduled for January 30th, along with Spirit Week and other homecoming related events. 

Senate is currently working on details in regard to a homecoming basketball game in replacement of the yearly homecoming football game. 

Gaither will still have their traditional Starlight Homecoming rather than a “winter formal” title for the dance. 

There still will be a homecoming court for seniors to participate in, however, a homecoming court assembly is still in question. The dress code will include masks along with modest dresses and tuxedos. 

With these answers, there are a lot of gray areas and open questions.“We still really don’t know if we can officially hold the dance or not,” said Trumbach. “Everything depends on the CDC, the district, and the school.” 

“There’s a lot of things that are still up in the air, but we do know that spirit week and everything tied to [homecoming] is happening in January,” said Reyes.

As of right now, tickets are going to sell as normal in the spring semester. 

Students are very excited to hear this good news and are hopeful that everything will work out in time for everyone, including e-learners, to come back and enjoy their yearly dance. However, it is important that students still continue to take precautions in regard to COVID-19 for a successful spring semester.