Students Choose between Brick and Mortar and E-Learning

Tulio Martinez, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has forced the 2019-2020 school year to be cut short and continues to effect people’s lives while playing a big part in the school year today.

This biggest change to the 2020-2021 school year has been students choosing how they wanted to learn. Prior to the school year, students needed to pick between e-learning or brick-and-mortar. 

E-learning based schooling is when the school is online and the students don’t show up to school at all. Brick-and-mortar based schooling is the method of school where students go to school in person.

“One thing I dislike about e-learning is I struggle to take notes and do work in class because I am more of a visual learner,” said senior Ryan Rivera.

While the option was available to accommodate students, the decision was heavily influenced by the student’s parents and doctors. Those who have had medical issues in the past were encouraged to select the e-learning option to prevent the risks involved with in person learning.

Some students picked brick-and-mortar learning because they didn’t like the way that e-learning had been done during the end of last year or they found it difficult to complete work online.

“I personally picked going to actual in person school because I struggled to focus during online schooling and it was much easier to go to school,” says Sophomore Brenden Wheeler.

Other reasons students leaned towards brick-and-mortar learning was to be able to attend certain classes they needed or accommodate their schedule by making it easier to play school sports.

“I really wanted to play football this year as well so that also influenced my decision on coming to school this school year,” said Wheeler.

Throughout the first five weeks of school, students have got used to their new styles of teaching and are now more comfortable with them.