Public Figures Stepping Up to Entertain During Quarantine

Tulio Martinez

While COVID-19 has stopped many events it has also sparked many new methods of entertainment. Many artists, influencers and public figures have been hosting fundraisers and many other activities to keep people from being bored in quarantine.

YouTuber Mrbeast hosted a rock, paper, scissors contest for $250,000 with other influencers and creators. The contest raised over $1 million for charity and the winner of the contest, YouTuber Nadeshot, donated the money to the CDC foundation to combat the coronavirus.

“I feel like Mrbeast did a great thing of raising money for charities since there are many people in need of help in this pandemic and he’s helping them out by raising money for charities and he’s done things like this before, it’s just amazing,” said freshman Yengner Bermudez.

John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, announced he had sponsored a marble racing contest to combat the lack of sporting events. He decided to award the winner of the marble league with a $5,000 donation towards a food bank and a $20,000 donation to the International Rescue Committee in the winner’s name.

There was also a Houseparty online concert during the weekend of May 15 to May 17 which included big names like Alicia Keys, Doja Cat and Dababy. This event allowed many artists to continue to perform despite social distancing and current safety restrictions.

“I love all the things these people are doing to keep us entertained. I’ve seen many more people do events for their fans and many others and it’s very nice of them,” said freshman Genesis Garcia.

These, and many more, entertainers have started and continued to hold a variety of special events that have not only kept people entertained but also to promoted COVID safe activities.