The Precautions Taken for Restaurants and Store Re-openings


Ava Vaccaro

After a long and rather exhausting quarantine, stores and restaurants are beginning to re-open. Governor DeSantis claims that Florida is going to open back up slowly but surely. With stores back open, residents need to be prepared for am adjusted shopping experience. Here’s everything Florida residents need to know before going out and resuming everyday life. 

Stores like Target, Publix and Winn-dixie are a common stop for families to buy their household needs and groceries. When shopping at these, and other stores, it is recommended to stand six feet apart while wearing a face mask or covering. Some stores have signs directing which direction to go down an aisle to prevent overcrowding. 

Precautions are also being taken at checkout with the implementation of a screen between the customers and the cashier. The screen doesn’t affect anything other than the process of handing off receipts. As an alternative to being handed receipts, they are put in the bag. 

Many people also choose dining out as an alternative to eating at home. While, not all restaurants have resumed dine in options, the places that have resumed have taken such precautions as separated seating. This is where all tables are six feet apart and sit ten or less people.

To ensure social distancing some restaurants that offer outdoor seating have covered tables in order to direct where guests can and can’t sit.

While not all stores have reopened, many have announced they are planning to open shortly. Clothing stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s are said to reopen but because people have surveyed being uncomfortable with others who will try on clothes and put them back, Kohl’s fitting rooms will be closed and clothing returned will be held for 48 hours before resale.

The slow reopening of Florida businesses has had to go through major adjustments for life with corona. The re-opening of society is happening slowly but surely, residents just have to ensure that the proper precautions are being taken to promote safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19.