The Difficulties of Gaither Athletic Packets


Tulio Martinez

Every school year students intend on playing sports are required to fill out an official sports packet. This packet is described as difficult to complete since the recent switch to an online format.

The key components of the packet include three required FHSAA videos with proof of completion, EL2 physical form, government issued ID, proof of residence, birth certificate of student participating in the sport, a purchase of one of three different insurances and Athletic clearance or campus instructions.

Problems with the packet included uncertainty about how to attach required components and how to ensure a packet was correctly submitted to the school.

“A struggle I had was watching the three videos and uploading the documents onto the place they needed to be,” said freshman Brenden Wheeler.

Other issues regarded the packet’s length and the amount of information that needed to be filled out perfectly. Many students have been declined due to small errors leaving them unable to play that season.

“I couldn’t join the wrestling team this season because of how many things there were to do and it kept getting denied so I would have to fix things up all the time,” said freshman Josiah Peña.

As of now, the best way for students to ensure a chance to try out and play for the school is to start the packet as soon as possible to leave ample time to fix any errors. The packets can be found here, or on the county website under ‘student forms’.