eLearning Has Mixed Reviews Among Students

Viviana Burgos

Hillsborough County is in its third week of eLearning since all Florida school campuses have closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

Students in all grade levels have been completing their education through online programs such as Edsby and Zoom conferences.

It hasn’t been that easy. Students are struggling with getting assignments done and end up getting distracted. 

“To complete one assignment, it takes me about 30 minutes to an hour. Possibly longer depending on the class or the assignment,” freshman Victoria Bacon said.

“I hardly feel like I’m learning much. It is way easier to get distracted in your own household, instead of being right in front of a teacher,” Bacon said. 

Seniors worldwide are upset with how the coronavirus is impacting festivities they’ve waited 12 years to enjoy.

For one Gaither senior, this was not the ideal way to finish her high school education and, for her, eLearning is not helping.

“I’m personally not a fan of eLearning just because I am a very social person, so not being able to be around people all the time is tough. But also, if I’m struggling on something in a class it’s a lot harder to ask the teacher for help right then and there,” senior Winter Whipple said.

For students in performing arts, the change of learning music and playing their instruments got harder because they are missing out on the personal, in-class instruction. 

Gaither’s orchestra students have been assigned a piece of music that they must record themselves playing and turn in every Friday, called a “pass off.”

“There’s no group sectionals or after school practices either so it’s really up to us individually to practice and get our pass off on time,” orchestra vice president Andrea Rivera said.

Although the change from in-person learning to online learning was rapid, some students are finding comfort in doing online school.

“I think eLearning is useful in times like these, I like it because I can do my work from the comfort of my own home,” senior Anthony Daubar said. 

“eLearning is a hit or miss kind of concept. I believe it might work for some more than others based on the kind of learner they are. I personally like eLearning because I feel that I am able to better pace myself and work according to my schedule,” junior Rylee Blocher said.

The school days ahead will be some of the longest. Students shared what the school and teachers could do better as they continue through their last nine weeks. 

“The only thing that I say could be different is for some teachers to clarify better. And the systems are always a little slower because of all students trying to log on at the same time but that is unfixable by the teachers,” Blocher said.

“I wish teachers would assign less work, because even with school issued laptops, not all students are fully equipped to keep up with assignments and lessons,” Daubar said. 

Communication is key if students are going to be able to survive these last months.