YMCA Gives Teens Positive Learning Environment

Ava Vaccaro

The YMCA High School Leaders Club is a club for middle and high schoolers where students can express creativity and leadership abilities. Gaither students can participate in this club at the local Bob Sierra YMCA location. 

Their goal is to challenge teens to serve the community, help them grow in who they are and lead those around them. 

“Leaders Club includes weekly meetings, service and social events, as well as trips throughout the year including rallies, service work weekends, optional spring break trips and Blue Ridge Leaders School,” the YMCA website said. 

Meetings are held at area YMCAs, schools and churches. During the club, counselors will introduce teens to all the work the YMCA does to strengthen the community, and inspire/prepare teens to become future leaders.

The website also says that, “This program provides teens with extensive leadership training and volunteer opportunities that support YMCA programs and services to the community.” https://www.ymcatriangle.org/programs/teen-programs/leaders-club.

The YMCA wants teens to feel safe in the club environment. It is a judgement and bully free zone. Counselors also want their leaders to have fun. The club accepts members of all kinds, and supports the special parts of everyone’s personalities. 

“It’s a team leadership club that works on character development through team building games and volunteering,” Genevieve Rodriguez, YMCA Leaders Club counselor said. 

The YMCA Leaders club encourages students to join to better experiences through volunteering. Interested participants are encouraged to contact their local program director.  Application requirements and registration deadlines may vary by club.