Saving SAT Registration Stress One List at a Time


Photo from College Board website

Brielle Allison

On Mar. 4, juniors and select seniors at Gather High School took the SAT for free at school. Students interested in re-taking the SAT, or underclassmen interested in taking the test for the first time can reference the following information to do so.

How To Register For The SAT

Students must log into their collegeboard account to register for an SAT. Registration takes about thirty to forty minutes to complete. A valid credit or debit card and form of photo identification are required. The College Board website may require verification of passwords. 

In addition to the SAT, a separate essay and subject testing are also available, which students may prefer to take depending on the requirements of the college they are applying for. 

The registration deadline for the May 2 test date is April 3. The registration deadline for  the June 6 test date is May 8.

Awareness of Fees

Students registering for the SAT should be aware that there can be several fees included in the process including: registration fees, late registration fees, subject testing fees, change fees, waitlist fees and score reporting fees. 

Score Reporting 

Students taking the SAT should expect their scores to be returned approximately 2-6 weeks after they test. However, the scores may be received during different times depending on the addition of tests, such as subject testing and essays. 

An on-time score report is not guaranteed. Testing conditions and environments can be grounds for test retakes being offered. 

Last October, this reporter took the SAT at Plant High School. Due to an air conditioning issue, a makeup date for the SAT was offered. Students who had taken the original test, including this reporter, had to wait an extra six weeks for the processing of the retake scores until scores were released. 

Preparation For The Test

Students should show up prepared with a drink and snacks to eat during official breaks from SAT testing. Students should also dress accordingly for any classroom temperature. Students should be adequately prepared to be in either a hot or cold classroom.

Preparation For The Future

Many students who have taken the SAT, or will be taking the SAT, turn to tutoring sessions for extra help. Other students stress the importance of taking the SAT multiple times to improve test scores. 

Senior Jonah Perry offered advice about the advantage of timing when registering and preparing for an SAT. He explained that taking the test during one of the summer months can be helpful, because most students don’t have stress from school classes and extracurricular activities. 

“When you’re taking the test for the first time, you can study, but after the first time you have a clear goal. During the summer, you have the time to achieve that goal,” said Perry. 

This can be especially advantageous to rising seniors who want to improve their scores before fall college application deadlines.