Drafting Students Attend Career Fair

Kaia Bonilla

On Thursday, Feb. 20, some of Gaither’s drafting and auto students attended the Florida Construction Career Days Fair at the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds.

Gaither students in drafting class are taught how to use a computer program called AutodeskInventor. Inventor consists of 3D and 2D mechanical design.

The fair included many presentations about careers related to the drafting field. Companies like the Heartland Operations discussed the many ways their business helps Florida as a whole. 

Kay Howell, a member of the Heartland Innovation Task Team, spoke in detail about what they do to simplify things that would be normally difficult. 

“You see road signs with bullet holes in them, people shoot up signs. It costs a lot of money to replace those signs. Those signs can be very expensive. We have come up with these patches that have saved, in only a year, $376,000 in savings,” said Howell.

There were also opportunities to join programs and apply for paid internships. The Geomatics Program, offered in Plant city, Fort Lauderdale, and Apopka, paves the way for a successful career path in the drafting field. 

Geomatics is a branch of science and drafting that deals with the earth’s surface. It consists of advanced mapping techniques, measuring and monitoring of geospatial data.

The University of Florida offers the state’s largest and longest four-year program in Geomatics. It teaches the technical and the hands on the side of geospatial technology. Most Geomatics students are given partial, if not full, scholarships.