Students Take Department of Defense’s ASVAB Test

Jada Sparrow

On Feb. 24, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, testing took place in Gaither’s auditorium for students in grades 10-12.  

The ASVAB Test is a test that is given in over 14,000 schools to determine whether a student should be in the United States Armed Forces. It also helps students decide what they would like to do as a future career choice.

“If I was a student in high school, I would want to know yeah that’s the path I need to go or if it wasn’t that I knew in high school so to get out in the real world,” Senior Chief Petty Officer Loney Cason said. Cason is one of Gaither’s teachers for NJROTC.

The test assists students in finding a future career with what you get on the test will help students choose what classes to take in order to pursue that future path to be successful.  

The ASVAB can also be useful to students for colleges because schools use the ASVAB just like the SAT in preparing college students to decide what school they should go to help with students careers.