Gaither Theatre Presents Zombie-Survival Comedy

Viviana Burgos

On Friday, Feb. 21 the Gaither Theatre department performed a teen comedy in the Jerry Skora Auditorium. 

The play titled “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” is based on the short comedy written by Don Zolidis, who writes many comedic plays appealing to schools and teens.

The play was directed by Theatre Director William Albritton, as well as some of the students who had the opportunity to direct the play themselves. 

“It’s a silly comedy about what would happen if the zombies took over, the story basically follows a group of four survivors who may or may not have been friends before, but they pact together like a walking dead episode and basically they argue the whole time,” Albritton said. 

Most of the play consists of Albritton’s theatre 1 and musical theatre students. Senior Riya Jain, a student in the class, had one of the main roles in the play.

“I play one of the survivors, her character’s name is Christy and so the way that we did it was split it between two classes, so there’s two sets of survivors,” Jain said.

The theatre students worked very hard on their performance during school and put it all together in one rehearsal the Thursday before the show.