Financial Literacy Night at Gaither High School

Kaia Bonilla

Gaither High School is hosting a Financial Literacy Night presented by PTSA on Thursday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. in the Jerry Skora Auditorium.  

At this event, First Citrus Bank will be giving a presentation that includes information about how to manage money, investing and credit scores. They will also discuss how to prepare for college, trade schools and the workforce. 

First Citrus Bank will be giving the students who come out an opportunity to open their own bank account.

The average teen usually knows the bare minimum when it comes to  banking. It’s often something a student will be clueless about during their entire high school career and will leave them overwhelmed as soon as they graduate.

Many teens at Gaither High School were asked if they know a single thing about a bank account and most answered with “no.”

“I really only know a little bit on saving money and what to do with it,” junior Anthony Cardona said.

All grades are encouraged to attend. There is no entrance fee.