SAT Test Prep and Tutoring Information


Brielle Allison

Brie Allison

With the SAT quickly approaching, Gaither High School and local tutoring centers are offering study sessions and practice tests for students.

For juniors at Gaither High School, the SAT is scheduled for Wed. March 4, a mere 7 weeks away. 

There are limited opportunities for students to prepare for the test. 

Gaither’s sessions will be held in the media center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on select Saturdays before and after March 4. 

Brielle Allison

SAT study group sponsors Betsy MacDonald and Kristina Epperson highly encourage students to attend a session, regardless of what date they are testing. 

“It’s free, and you get help answering questions. You get to review things that make up a large portion of the test, things that juniors haven’t done in a long time,” Epperson said.

The SAT study sessions offered at Gaither are only offered on Saturdays. For students who cannot make Saturday study sessions, there are still many options for test prep and tutoring in the area. 

Myers Tutoring, Sylvan Learning and Huntington Learning Center are tutoring centers in the area where students can attend SAT preparation classes. Although tutoring outside of Gaither’s study sessions can be costly, many students agree that they’re worth it.

Junior Carley Gutcher has been attending SAT prep sessions at Myers Tutoring. 

“They work one-on-one with you, you’re not just a number to them,” Gutcher said. 

Another great resource for students to use is Khan Academy, a free online academic website that offers both full-length practice SAT tests and practice SAT tests by section. 

Overall, SAT preparation classes are highly recommended by both students and teachers, however, the abilities and comfort levels of the student are what determines the need for the classes.  

“I mean they [prep classes] don’t hurt, but only you know if you need prep classes or not,” junior Alex Smith said.