Fall Sports Banquet Concludes Season


Kaia Bonilla

Kaia Bonilla

The Gaither High School lunchroom was full of wide smiles, delicious food and well-dressed students on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019, during the fall sports award ceremony.

The room was packed with players from the cross country, volleyball and swim teams.

Players received awards for their growth as athletes and their commitment to the team. The Athletic Booster Club, an organization formed to support and fundraise for the athletic programs, gave out the main awards to the players.

For cross country, the Athletic Booster Club awards went to freshman Liam Ballard and to first year runner and sophomore Micaela Sierra. These two athletes earned these awards because of the amount of dedication and effort put into the team as a whole.

Along with the Athletic Booster Club awards, the cross country coach, Bill Jenkins, had his own to give out to his team members. One of these–the Simpson STAR–being named after his favorite student on the team, James Simpson, because he was not only team captain but was also an exceptional runner throughout the seasons. AJ Damato won this award.

The next set of awards were presented to the swim team, coached by Samuel Curry and Nestor Perez.

With all the hard work he put in throughout the seasons, it was no surprise when the boys swim team captain, Cooper Palasti, won the Athletic Booster Club award. Alongside Palasti, Sarah Schermerhorn was also given the Athletic Booster Club award for her outstanding dedication and commitment.

Both extremely hardworking swim teams made it all the way to regionals this season and hope for even better next season.

“We hadn’t had swimming in regionals in a couple years, so it was awesome!” says Coach Perez.

Last but certainly not least were the awards for the volleyball team, coached by Kesha Lindo.

Due to Briana Quintero’s outstanding commitment on and off the court throughout her years as a Gaither High School volleyball player, she received the Athletic Booster Club award.

After playing all four years it is a bittersweet moment to see her successful last season come to an end.

“I’m happy with how our season ended, very happy but it’s really sad to see it end,” said Quintero.