Community Members Inspire Students through Annual Event

Photo Courtesy of @GaitherCowboys on Twitter

Viviana Burgos

The annual Great American Teach-In will take place on Nov. 21 at all Hillsborough County Public School sites, grades K-12, exceptional student centers and career centers. Members of the community are invited into schools for a few class periods or an entire school day to share information with students about their careers or hobbies.

College and Career Counselor Kathryn Branham organizes the Great American Teach-In for Gaither High School, and she believes it benefits students because “it provides insight into real world opportunities for after high school success.”

Students look forward to the event as a way to pique their interests for careers they may want to pursue in the future. 

Claudia Calzadilla described last year’s Great American Teach-In as “eye opening.” During one of her classes she got to interact with a military official. 

“I would have never thought there would be many job opportunities in the military,” said Calzadilla. “It’s never what I would have thought the military to be like.”

What do students want to see this year?

“I feel like more jobs we can relate to instead of being general jobs like doctors and teachers,” said Calzadilla. 

“I would love to see an astronaut because they have a very high stress, demanding job that I would love to know more about,” said junior Abby Rey.

“I would like to see a pediatric nurse because it will give me a knowledge on what I need to prepare for in the future,” Lietty Balceiro said.

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