New Courses to Look Forward To in the 2019-2020 School Year


Amanda Hase, Staff Writer


Gaither has now expanded its course selection guide to include a wide variety of classes suitable to any student’s hobbies and interests. By now, students should have completed and turned in their course selection sheets for the upcoming school year, but it’s not too late to check out these new course opportunities, which are available in subjects such as art, social studies and science. Here is a look at what to expect from some of the new courses.


  • Painting

Artsy students will be thrilled to hear that a new painting class will be offered next year. The class requires a prerequisite of a Studio Art course. The class will be taught by Rena Longo, who currently teaches several different art courses. Longo has possessed a passion for painting for some time and has even started to take painting classes herself. She looks forward to being able to take what she learns and share it with her students. Of course, there will still be a curriculum to follow, but students will still have the opportunity to make the art their own and explore the world of painting.


  • History of the Holocaust

The Holocaust was a national tragedy that will never be forgotten, and this course offers the chance to dive deeper into the story and learn the origin and outcomes of what took place. Currently one of the potential teachers for this elective is Ryne Lojacano, who has had previous experience teaching the subject. Lojacano is hoping enough students will sign up for the elective so he can continue to teach students about the importance of history in the present day.

“I think it’s an important course because a lot of that generation is slowly dying out, and it’s just very important to keep that history alive and keep telling these stories. History repeats itself and it is still relative to things today,” said Lojacano.


  • Astronomy

For students who have an interest in the solar system and the bright balls of gas in the sky, this class is for you. The course will only be offered every other year along with the Earth/Space Science class. Kelleigh Weeks, future Astronomy teacher and current Star Gazers Club sponsor, recommends that students signing up for this class have a prerequisite of Algebra 2, though it is not required.

“It will be a very interesting class, it will be a very fun class, but it is very much an honors class,” said Weeks.

If you have an interest in any of these classes and would like to add it to your schedule for the upcoming year, set up an appointment to speak to your guidance counselor as soon as possible.