Gaither Offers Schoolwide Clothes Closet for Students in Need


Photo by Hayley Greenlaw

Hayley Greenlaw, Staff Writer


One thing students might be unaware of is that Gaither has an open-clothes closet for students and families that are struggling financially. The Gaither Cowboys Clothes Closet has been available for over ten years. 

The school social worker, Pattee Rampt, oversees the Clothes Closet.  

“The Clothes Closet was established long before I came to Gaither. It was started for the homeless population or for students that were in need of a jacket due to dress code violations,” said Rampt.  

The Closet is accepting clothing donations from other Gaither families that no longer need them. The Closet accepts gently-worn or new male and female clothing in all sizes, with no stains or rips. New hygiene products, such as shampoo, deodorant and lotion, are also accepted.  

The clothing must fit within the school dress code to be accepted. Different items include jackets, shirts, pants, jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, dresses (including prom gowns), shoes, purses, backpacks and new socks. 

Gaither promises to keep all information private, so any struggling families should not be afraid to contact Rampt. 

Rampt is offering volunteer hours that can go towards scholarships for students who offer to help tidy up the Clothes Closet. She keeps track of all the hours spent organizing the closet. 

The Clothes Closet is a great way to give back to fellow peers in need. Donate your gently-used or new clothes to the Clothes Closet today. 

You can contact Rampt at [email protected]