Week 4 of Government Shutdown: The Rippling Effects

Week 4 of Government Shutdown: The Rippling Effects

Sabrina Maxey, Staff Writer


As the record-breaking government shutdown enters its fourth week, thousands of government employees are suffering the consequences of it. The shutdown began on Dec. 22, when President Trump vowed to shut down the government until he receives his $5.6 billion for a steel barrier wall at the United States’ southern border. In a Cabinet meeting President Trump rejected an offer of $2.5 billion that Vice President Pence managed to negotiate.

This shutdown is affecting over 35 government agencies, including the Department of Education, Department of Justice and the Food and Drug Administration.

So far public schools have not suffered any repercussions and will not unless the shutdown continues into February or March. Although public school operations will run smoothly, free or reduced lunch recipients will be victimized and there is a possibility that money will begin to run out.

However, the hundreds of schools on federal property, including those on Native American reservations and naval bases, are being immediately affected.

More than 420,000 federal employees have been furloughed, including agents from CBP, DEA, FBI and ATP along with workers from the State Department, Coast Guard, IRS and Department of Homeland Security.

While many agencies are closed, this is currently a partial government shutdown and many government services are still being provided to the public. Mail will continue to be delivered, as the US Postal Service can operate with money from deliveries, stamps and services. IRS tax returns are expected to be delivered on time, though this is subject to change as of right now. Social Security checks, Medicare and Medicaid won’t be interrupted, but there may be processing delays.

According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, 53 percent of adults accused Trump and congressional Republicans for the current conflict, while 29 percent claimed congressional Democrats were at fault; 13 percent blame both Democrats and Republicans for the shutdown.

The current shutdown is the third shutdown to occur under Trump’s presidency, all of which have happened in 2018. As an end to this shutdown doesn’t seem to be on the horizon, thousands of federal employees are calling for an end to this political game between Trump and the House of Representatives before families suffer another missed paycheck.