GTV Takes Home Multiple Awards at FSPA Conference

Gaither GTV


Photo Courtesy of Gaither GTV

Gaither GTV poses for a picture with their awards following a successful day at FSPA.

Yacob Reyes, Staff Writer


On Nov. 9, Gaither’s TV production program (GTV) attended the Florida Scholastic Press Association’s (FSPA) District 4 Fall Workshop at USF’s Marshall Center, an event designed for student journalists to learn more about and nurture their passion towards journalism.

The conference features seminars by multiple renowned speakers for students in broadcasting, yearbook, newspaper and other forms of journalism, and gives them the chance to learn hands-on from people that are highly experienced in their respective fields.

Among the opportunities at FSPA are the digital contests, where students submit their own work, from video packages to written pieces, to be selected by a group of judges prior to the workshop, as well as on-the-spot contests, where students are given a prompt the day of the conference and have only a few hours to complete and turn in a finished product, ranging from candid photos to self-designed yearbook spreads.

GTV’s students were awarded multiple titles for their submitted entries, including two All-Florida honors for their 9/11 broadcast package and their deadline broadcast news package, an honorable mention for their student body president profile, an honorable mention for senior Chad Hense’s on-the-spot on-air reporting, and a first place title for their on-the-spot “Man On The Street” entry, during which students were given five hours to create a short entertainment-style recap of the FSPA experience.

”FSPA provides a way for journalists of all different mediums to interact in ways beneficial to the community. It isn’t just something particularly for TV Production, it is a big get-together of all forms. Despite us all doing things different, FSPA provides a reminder that we are all in it together,” said senior Chad Hense.