Potential Alterations May Be Underway for Trans Rights


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Recently there has been speculation that the Trump administration will be changing the civil rights protections of transgender people. The plan is to erase trans rights, stripping these individuals of their civil rights entirely and leaving them completely unaccounted for in politics and society.  

This is not the first time the Trump administration has tried to alter rights afforded to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Previously, the administration has tried to ban trans people from joining the military, and attempted prevent same-sex couples from getting visas. These are just a few of many incidents that have come about since Trump’s election.  

If this bill were to pass, it would permit trans discrimination in areas such as school, workplaces and even public facilities like bathrooms, more so than now. A spokesperson of the White House administration said that a formal decision is expected to be made by the end of the year.  

Many students at Gaither view this proposal as unjust, and most seem to disagree with plans in this direction.  

“Trans people are still human, so what makes Trump’s [adminstration] think they can’t have basic human rights like the rest of us?” said rights activist and senior Elise Wisneski.  

The LGBTQ+ community has come so far as a whole, but a change like this will bring it back several steps. All the progress that has been made could very well be destroyed because people in positions of power struggle to recognize people for who they truly are. During Obama’s presidency there were several laws passed that advanced the rights of transgender people, and now Trump and his administration plan to essentially reverse all of the progress. This tactic would strip nearly 1.4 million Americans (not including the ones who haven’t publicly identified as trans yet) from getting proper federal recognition. During his campaign Trump said he would embrace LGBTQ+ members, but these actions would strongly suggest otherwise.  

This scheme has inspired many movements, such as the hashtag #TransRightsAreHumanRights. Many celebrities took to social media to share their views, including musical artist Lady Gaga, who took to Twitter to write “While today you might feel unheard or unseen, know that this is not the reality of humanity, this is another display of leadership being driven by ignorance.” 

It will be difficult for the LGBTQ+ community to make progress with this potential restraint, but it will definitely not be impossible.