Recent Storms Could Mean Inclement Weather for Florida

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Hurricane Lane (which downgraded to a tropical storm) recently wrought havoc on Hawaii last Friday and through the weekend. In the midst of volcanic eruptions and hurricanes a new storm, Tropical storm Miriam, is following the path of hurricane Lane.  

Considering that Florida is in its “hurricane season”, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if inclement weather started up in the coming months. Last year during hurricane Irma, several schools in Florida were cancelled. Gaither had a full week out of school from the storm but, if the same situation were to occur this year, the days will be made up in full. 

Last year the cancelled school days were made up by having full days of school on Mondays for a few weeks. This year the hurricane days are factored into fall break; if inclement weather were to cause school cancellation, days would be taken off of the fall break. Rather than having several days off and making up for them with a few extra hours of school, students will make up for them with entire days of school.  

Last year many people questioned wether or not it was necessary for an entire week of school to be cancelled for a hurricane that had little impact on Tampa; now if just one day is missed, there would ultimately be one day less of fall break for teachers and students.