GHS Participation in National Walkout Misses the Mark


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer


Friday April 20 (the anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre) the nation held a National Walkout Day in support of ending school violence following the Parkland shooting earlier this February.

Students that participated in the walkout met at the flag pole with different signs. In other schools, students walked out to rally against gun violence. There were signs and speakers calling for politicians to reform gun laws and put an end to gun violence.

However, while other schools across the nation were organized for their walkout, Gaither seemed to lack the drive. There were a few students that walked out to the flag pole with signs to protest against gun violence. In the days that followed the Parkland shooting, the media and students were anxiously discussing the topic of gun control in schools. Yet two months after the shooting, when schools across the nation are supposed to stand up to gun violence only a few students did anything, and that shocked me.

The irony of all of this is that while today is supposed to be the day to stop gun violence, Forest High School in Ocala had a school shooting where one person was injured.

While other schools across the nation have rallied behind the movement, Gaither’s students appeared to be far from committed.